Wednesday, April 04, 2012

Pink Magnolia, Brown Magnolia

On Monday last week, the traumatic week when I had to decide about disability or resignation, our Magnolia was proudly in bloom. It was so lovely, but at least a month earlier than usual.
On Wednesday, when I officially handed in my resignation, the magnolia's blooms were brown.

Tomorrow is my last day working at one of my jobs. I don't want to leave the people. But Lyme made the decision. However - if it wasn't for this job, I might still not have been diagnosed! Their support and love through this time mean more than I can ever say.

We all know it is already warmer in this area than usual, and ticks are already out and active. Today's Huffington Post has an article:
Global Warming May Bring More Lyme Disease, Ticks

On Saturday, March 31, there was a run to help pay for the medical bills of a 16-year old with Lyme disease, Vanessa. She is being treated by the doctor I'm seeing in the States. Lots of people braved the cold to take part and they were all in good spirits!

Pictures are here: Vanessa's Run

Interesting fact I realised this week. Vanessa has lost her hair. Kevin has lost his job and his bed. I've lost my sense of taste, my appetite and half my mind.
(Kevin's blog)

We Lymies all lose stuff, have to give up things, have to change dramatically. But our families are being dragged into it with us, and the ones I know, are all grateful to have good spouses or families to help them through! Without that, we would have been in a great mess.

My husband and friends: Thank you for standing by me, for laughing along with the mistakes and forgotten issues; for the love and prayers, making a fuss of any new events, and quietly sweeping up the dead blooms as they drop, sorting out the pills for the week, making a salad for lunch to entice me to eat and silently closing the gate I've left open again.

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Anonymous said...

Praying for you, girl!!!

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