Wednesday, April 18, 2012

After the doctor

Had to see the Lyme doctor again on Monday, April 16. These last three months did not go well and I'm not as far along in healing as should have been. Who woulda' thunk, eh?  I've been treated for Lyme disease now for 3 years; one year of which in the States when I couldn't get treatment in Toronto any more.

Been writing the message below on the Blackberry even though we didn't have internet, just to try and keep myself straight. Drove around Lake Champlain through the islands of Vermont, took a ferry, finally in hotel in the Olympic town of Lake Placid after 8pm. We did about 1600 km in 3 days, but we saw very pretty places!

Morning coffee on the balcony, and one taken from the breakfast room

Ok nice. Seems I have another, as yet unnamed, bug.
She said the Babesia symptoms are taking over (chills, pain, lack of sleep, stabbing headaches, joint pain, fatigue, flashing warmth) but the Lyme is out as well (creaking neck and others).

I should have been much better by now and because I'm worse, it might mean another infection or something else (see below). She's changing tack again. Back on Malarone (anti-malaria), and amoxicyllin. And some other stuff. The other protozoa help the spirochetes hide from being killed by the medication.

She also wants to attack the heavy metal poisoning (lead) I have. But maybe not just now.

I have to do detox which will do something to the metal. And check for my temperature to see if my thyroid is wonky. I know my usual temp is low, so when temp is normal I actually have fever. She found that interesting because if my core temp is too low, I'm helping instead of fighting the infection. Then she wants to check the adrenal glands to see if they're up to par before treating the thyroid.

She gave herbal stuff to try and fight the other protozoa.

On another tack, the plans for the Lyme Disease Awareness walk are going ahead! I'm so grateful to everyone helping. Registrations of walkers are starting to come in. If anyone wants to pledge an amount, any amount, or have something to donate to the Silent Auction, or just want to support us in any way, please let me know and I'd be grateful to hear from you. Every dollar helps, every person telling another person helps spread the word and if you have room to put a flyer or notice somewhere, please download and print the image below. Thank you so very much!

TO PRINT: Click on the file and it should be able to be saved to your computer.

 Orangeville is to proclaim Lyme Disease Awareness and Prevention month, our Lyme Car will be ready and be in the newspaper next week and things are heating up.

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