Friday, October 26, 2012

Successful meeting with Member of Parliament

Another exciting day ... Joe and I just met with the Honourable David Tilson, MP for Caledon-Dufferin.
We found him supportive, but careful.

He was gracious and friendly -- and like most people horrified to learn more about Lyme Disease. I appreciated the fact that he apologized for asking basic questions, and for not knowing more - but nobody can know everything, right? He has met some constituents before, mostly in informal settings, who spoke about Lyme Disease, so he knows it is in the region.

Joe, David Tilson and Marlene
He will read and investigate some more. His big question was, "What can the Federal government do to help or fix this issue?"

He also asked the picture of the three of us to be sent to his office, for inclusion in his next newsletter.

There are some other points we're working on and will report back in the near future.
So grateful for the time and the ear!


Paula said...


Thank you for all you do! So glad you're feeling well enough to participate so actively in all of these things.

All of us Lymies are working so hard, as much as we can, to get the word out. We do help people and make a difference....but it's so person at a time. My hope is that, as government reps learn more, the information will be truly OUT THERE en masse for 'West Nile' was/is. The public as a whole needs to be more aware.

All this to say....that it's great that you've been able to access and influence people who are in a position to make changes that will benefit the greater public.

Again, thanks Marlene!


MeerkatMarlene said...

Paula, thanks for your thank you! As you say, a little bit at a time, one person at a time. Eventually the scales will tip.
Be well!

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