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Brampton Lyme Walk 2013

What a weekend! So much happened around Lyme Disease Awareness and nothing would have been possible without the help of friends, family and adopted family, Lyme patients and their families and various people who took on the cause as well.

If you haven`t seen them yet, please look at some of the pictures taken the night before at Niagara Falls, when green lights helped to raise awareness about Lyme Disease. LINK 

Saturday morning, May 18, dawned beautiful and slightly cloudy, just right for the hard work of setting up for the Awareness day at Chinguacousy Park in Brampton. Some of the pictures are shared here, but there are lots more to come. At the end of this post is a link to see more pictures in an album if you like.

The view from the pavillion where we were set up
 We started carrying tables and setting up, waiting for others to arrive and claim the spot where they wanted to be in order to talk to people attending the Walk. We had shade, a view of water, a slight breeze - it was gorgeous.
Such a great space to plan the layout! 
 Various friends arrived from towns all around to help plan, move, hold down table cloths, tents, brochures, snacks, T-shirts and more.

Young photographer on duty. Her pictures will follow!
 Rebecca was on duty with her camera, but also played with my cell phone - where she found a filter to only make anything green in colour and the rest in black-and white. Quite an effect!

Jim Wilson and Councillor John Sanderson - with Poutine sweatshirt!
 The Lyme Mobile attracted a lot of attention! Everyone wanted their picture taken with it. Councillor John Sanderson was there from the start, helping us set up and talking to various people.

 Friend Rouxline helped people fill in their registration forms and sign waivers if they haven't done so online, and then another table handled the registrations, bracelets, and T-shirts.

Gathering around the Lyme Mobile for a group shot
 We were planning to start the Walk at 11 am, but so many people walked on to register that we were getting later and later. No matter, everyone was in high spirits and had time to talk to many other people, create support networks, get advice and sign more petitions to ask for a change in how Lyme Disease is handled in Canada.
And they're off!
 People of all ages took part! It was so great to see families out for the event, sharing and caring together.

A stream of green behind the Lyme Mobile
 Kevin grabbed my camera and took loads of pictures as the walkers went around the park.

Picture taken by special request: Val and I with John 
 The park personnel was wonderful, helpful, supportive and eager to bring whatever we needed. They helped us carry the heavy stuff, set up tents and even find a lost walker .... Thanks to everyone, Val!

I wanted a picture with all the guys! Court Steggles, Jim Wilson, Kevin Sherriff and Dr. Ernie Murakami
 Court is the outgoing president of the LDAO (Lyme Disease Association of Ontario), Jim is the president of CanLyme (Canadian Lyme Disease Foundation), Kevin is the president of LymeSavers and Dr. Ernie is the founder of the Murakami Foundation.
Glass pendant made by Sheila in the UK
The lovely glass pendant with rainbow elephants attracted a lot of attention! To see more of Sheila's work, including cards and sterling silver, go to her link Handmade by Sheila. Thanks, Bendoggie!  (We met online years ago, and in person in London, England ... where our group had so much fun that the five-star hotel kept dropping stars and ended as a B&B by the time we all left again!)

Special paintings done in South Africa for the Walk --  limited copies available
If someone reading here would like a copy of the lovely watercolour froggies done by Karin, please contact me and we can work out something. These were sold at the Silent Auction, but more people wanted to buy some. You can also see Karin's other work on her Gallery KC.

All in all - a glorious day, and my dream of having a place where Lymies can find and give support, was very much true. The feedback was very positive, even if we didn't have as many people as in 2012. With the weather so nice, you can't blame people for wanting to go to the cottage!

DONATIONS  (updated May 23)
However, donations are still coming in. Please hit the "Contact" button at the top if you would like to make a donation, no matter where in the world you are. For ONLINE DONATIONS, go to CanadaHelps and choose one or more of the Lyme Links there. You can put in a note that it is for the Brampton Walk 2013 effort, but all goes to the charity.

More pictures taken on Saturday in an online Album if you want to see:

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Paula said...

How wonderful to see such a sense of community with an illness that is often so isolating. Well done, Marlene, and all those who participated!

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