Wednesday, May 01, 2013

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May is Lyme Disease Awareness month. 

If you can wear a green ribbon, sport green shoe laces, tie a green ribbon around your tree - anything at all to raise awareness for this disease, you are helping someone else.

Ticked off resident story will be in print tomorrow. The tag line is that "dogs can get treatment for Lyme disease, but humans can't" - which is my current reality and that of many others in Ontario and elsewhere.

Member of Parliament, Parm Gill: If you follow me on Twitter (link to the right of this post), you will know I've been chasing a local MP to find out if there is any support for us with Lyme disease. Specifically to find out if our MP supports the Private Member's Bill C-442, for The National Lyme Strategy Act, as brought by Elizabeth May (Canadians: download petition). After months I caught up with him briefly in Brampton on Saturday, and a picture was taken with the Lyme Mobile.

On the right is a graphic I made from his newsletter which was sent out today. This is only a modified graphic; the full newsletter is available from his website: Newsletter online. He also said something about adding the Brampton Lyme Disease Awareness Day on May 18 to their calendar. I do hope there will be representation! It will mean the world to local Lymies if there is more support.

Download registration form for the Walk from HERE. Complete and send email to request pledge sheets.

Someone asked me this morning, knowing I've been off antibiotics since February 8. So far, so good! Just one more week to go until I'm officially in Remission. Lymies - please know that it IS possible! Last April when I had to leave a job because of the damage done by Lyme Disease, I did not believe this day would ever come. This is not my journey; it is also the journey of my husband, family, friends, and people near and far, of prayer vigils and unwavering support. 

Thank you. That's all I can say. Together, we DO make a difference. 

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Paula said...

Marlene - What wonderful news about your remission!!! There is hope!!! :-) Thanks for the newsy post; good to see all that is happening in May. Do you know when Elizabeth May's bill will come to a vote? Just FYI, we have assurance from our MP that the NDP will be voting for it.

Jennifer A. Jilks said...

This is good news. I have to blame the doctors for not being on top of all this.
My simple issue with poison ivy was totally missed.
I've removed a tick from two of my cats so far. We need to be more aware.
Cheers from Cottage Country!

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