Monday, April 29, 2013

Lyme angel in Sweden

A young girl in Sweden became another Lyme warrior, and my personal Lyme angel. For a school project about invertebrates,  (animals without a backbone), she didn't choose the popular sea creatures or bugs --- she chose the tick.
She's also the one who took a picture of her text book about ticks sucking blood and being dangerous, able to cause serious diseases, and sent it to her mom to send to me (blog post ; down to the heading about Swedish kids knowing more than Canadian doctors).

She's an outspoken young lady, and I felt she became a Lyme warrior, needing some goodies to show her unity with us. Here she is, sporting a Lyme ribbon, Lyme bracelets with the and "Lyme Disease" inscriptions, and a Lyme Angel pin for her jacket. Check out her phone cover to add to the whole look!

Bea - thank you. I know there was a tick on you not too long ago, but due to vigilance and a supportive medical network, coupled with information on all levels (not to mention your mom!), you were checked and I'm so grateful you are fine!

Through Bea's confidence and sharing about Lyme, more children in Sweden will probably get the message and be even more vigilant about ticks. 

May the day come when we can expect the same freedom of information and most importantly, support from doctors and health caregivers!


Nyree, Bea's mom, and I have been online friends along with some other women, chatting online for years. We all share news, good and bad, health stories, hobbies, activities and interests. 

Nyree regularly sends pictures of printed ads in newspapers and on bus shelters, warning about the danger of ticks, their dangerous bites and reminders to get vaccinated in the spring. 

This year, she found items of interest in grocery stores. One looks something like a pregnancy test, in which a tick found on someone could be tested for infection. The other is a "tick plaster", which can be put on an attached tick and then safely removes "the whole tick". She bought these and sent them across to use at the various displays and shows I've got planned for this summer, starting on May 3 in Burlington. 

Last year, she sent a picture of a full-page ad in a newspaper, with a drawing of a tick attached to skin and the inscription, "Tick bite? See how to remove ticks on V√• "

Soon it will be May, Lyme Disease Awareness month. People in more than 30 countries are doing their utmost to raise awareness, to get people involved, to support those who have been suffering the effects of this disease, and trying to change things for others.

One of the young women I met a few weeks ago at a support group meeting for Lyme patients and friends, had her story published in a local paper.
"A cruel twist of Lyme" tells yet another story, too familiar to so many of us.

May this year be one of major change!


chillin with Quillin said...

wow I senjoyed this artical, the great progress thats going one and such sweet people involved !!!

Lisa Hilton said...

Way to go!! Thanks for all your doing to spread Lyme awareness, Lyme Angel! <3

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