Saturday, August 11, 2012

Brampton Farmer's Market

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Come on down!
The Farmer's market is where you can get fresh veg, fruit, flowers, herbs, treats and conversation; live music, community groups and just be outside for a bit.

Yes, it is drizzling or raining, but everything is fresh and clean, the heat is broken and people are out to enjoy!

We have the Lyme mobile at our booth, we have flyers, we have the petition, (see top tab on this blog), and we're ready to share information with anyone who asks or needs it.

See you at the market!
Picture above: Joe, Arno and I are here in our green shirts.

Update from home: It was a great day, probably our most successful outreach and sharing of information! We handed out lots of brochures, answered many questions, talked to concerned people who were bitten this summer, gave information to people who have had known tick bites, and filled pages of signatures for the petition re getting a National Lyme Strategy in place.

We also made contact with several people who invited us to set up a booth at different community events this summer. We have dates into October at this point! Might have to try and buy our own canopy or tent, rather than always borrow one from a kind friend.

More pictures of our booth at the Brampton Farmer's Market can be seen on this link, also showing other pictures of our booths at various events: Our Lyme efforts, 2012

Councillor John Sanderson is one of our supporters
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Paula said...

Fantastic, Marlene! It's so nice that many people stop by your booth and you can see the fruit of your efforts.

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