Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Another presentation done

What a glorious day! Jessica asked me to help her with presenting to a group of health care workers and we are very grateful that they gave us time out of their busy schedule. They were interested and attentive and asked pertinent questions. Each person was also given handouts that Jess had prepared, including CanLyme brochures, invitations to Dr. Murakami's presentation on September 18, an example of Isagenix text results, the Embers study report, and more.

My information board is a little battered after three years of being dragged to various locations as part of the visual material --- but it gets the job done!

Tomorrow I believe Kim is doing a presentation to a clinic in Orangeville. On Friday and Saturday there is the Wingfest in Brampton where I'll have a table and flyers, with the help of friends who give their time.

The word is really getting spread. As long as people hear and act on protecting themselves and their loved ones, we have succeeded.

On another level! Made and bottled some more ginger beer to hand out as gifts to friends. I should immediately get another batch brewing, perhaps. So good that people who give me their time, enjoy the things we make because there is no way I can pay them for their gifts of time, care and concern. What a blessing to be surrounded by such a network of care!

“Happiness is not the absence of problems but the ability to deal with them.”
~ Author Unknown

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