Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Free Lyme info sessions in September!

Really exiting news is that the LDAO, the Lyme Disease Association of Ontario, arranged for information sessions so that people could ask questions, meet others and get support when they or their loved ones are dealing with Lyme Disease. We hope that health care workers, pharmacists and physicians will also attend some of the sessions if they can.

Dr. Ernie Murakami is a man I've met personally and you can read more about those meetings by searching his name in this blog. I have immense respect for him and his knowledge about the disease, his tireless education and the time he spends to help others. If you can attend any of the sessions, please do. You won't be sorry!

thumbnail of the datesDon't click on the thumbnail to download; find the link at the end of this paragraph. It will be in mid-September, on the 14th in Fort Erie, the 15th in Burlington, the 17th in London and the 18th in Brampton.
Download information sheet from HERE, or go to the LDAO website to download from there. 

Book online for Brampton
I'm especially involved in the Brampton event and have created an online invitation for people to "book a seat" so to speak. There are no assigned seats; it will be first come, first served, but the venue has excellent acoustics. It is free to attend any of the sessions, but we hope to receive some donations either online or at the door to help offset travel costs. You can refer family or friends to the online invitation as well. When registering, the seat count will adjust and you can also invite others from there. Whatever is easy for you! Online registration for Brampton only HERE

Brampton Flyer

Don't click on the graphic to download, it just shows what the flyer looks like.
The green thumbnail graphic shows a flyer created to help promote the Brampton event, if you wish to invite friends or contacts or put up posters at your doctor's office, health care workers, clinic or pharmacy. Remember to ask permission first!

The flyer is in PDF format and should open on most computers, as well as print on most printers.

Please share this information or blog post with others, on Facebook, Twitter or wherever you might have connections who might be interested. Even if you can't attend, perhaps you want to donate a few dollars, wherever you are. The money will all be paid over to dr. Murakami's foundation, to be used for education about Lyme Disease.

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