Monday, August 06, 2012

Lyme booth at a large youth event

We had another successful day at Le Tour de Terra Cotta, billed as Ontario's largest Youth Event for cyclists. Thanks to Pam, Renie and Joe who manned our Lyme tent on Aug 6th. Also thanks to Kim for arranging to have the Lyme Mobile available to be parked in the parking lot for added attraction.

We talked to a few people that had friends with Lyme disease and they are going to email that info to us. Some thanked us for being there to inform people about the disease and ways to prevent it. Another gentleman said that his daughter (who was in the event today ) was very sick a few months ago and the docotors had tested her for Lyme disease but it was negative. It proved to be something else and she was treated successfully. We handed out lots of brochures and 17 people sign the petition. Thanks to Marlene and Arno that came in near the end of the event and was able to return the borrowed tent we use. It was a great relaxing day in Terra Cotta down near the river.

Pam, Joe and Renie
Thanks all for your help, the hours you give and the information you share. We are a great team!

Our next dates and places to talk about Lyme Disease:
  • Brampton Farmer's Market - August 11;
  • Inspirational Music in the Park - August 14 (tbc);
  • Brampton's Wingfest - August 31/Sept 1 (tbc);
  • Canada's Outdoor Farm Show - Sept 11-13 (tbc);
  • Brampton Fall Fair - Sept 13-16

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