Monday, September 17, 2012

Report about the fair

My goodness, what a week! Exciting, busy, upsetting when talking to people who are sick and suffering without the luxury of a doctor to help or support them. A whole host of emotions worked through this week.

The Brampton Fall Fair started on Thursday and we had a Lyme booth there. I am also the Photography convenor, so Thursday was an interesting, long and busy day! But we managed to do it all. We didn't man the Lyme booth that evening, though.
A small part of the hall while judging is going on
 Friday morning dear hubby and Joe met at the fairgrounds to finish setting up the booth and tie the banners properly, since short stuff here didn't do a good enough job, haha! Then it started raining, and raining, until a virtual swamp appeared in the grass. We need the rain so no complaints. Just sloshing!

Arno holding the new banner - notice the water in the grass!
Friday afternoon I joined them and we stayed there until it became too cold and dark. Teenagers were out to enjoy the Midway. Rouxline joined us in the booth. I'm so very grateful to friends who lend their time to help reach out to others! One of the best contacts I made was to talk to a man from the Peel Police, who goes to schools to do safety talks. He is going to arrange a session at a local high school in the spring.

Saturday dawned bright and clear. Linda and David arrived and started talking to the crowds. We collected scores of signatures on the petition and handed out lots of brochures, answered questions and felt it was a much needed program to offer to people. We never spoke to large groups, but always to family units, couples or individuals. Most were grateful for the information.

Lyme Mobile and people listening, looking at banners, etc.
With Dave and Linda
 On Sunday, another lovely day, Jess came out with Mikki to join us. Again we spoke to many different people. One lady heard me on AM740 at some time talking to Dale Goldhawk - it was too funny! She was planning to come to hear Dr. Ernie Murakami in Brampton on Tuesday, September 18th anyway.

It was heartbreaking to hear some stories. One mother found a tick on her 7-year old's ear this summer. She took him to one doctor who said not to worry. Then a red circle developed and she took him back. A different doctor was on call and gave her 3 weeks of antibiotics. The boy's father was a Scout, and there was a warning posted on the campground where they were, so they were on the lookout.
What a difference education and information can make!

Arno, Jess and Joe with me under the CanLyme banner
At 4:00 pm the Homecraft prize giving session was held in the hall before we started breaking down. Lots of happy winners receiving their gift cards or certificates.
Katelyn had the most points in the Junior section
More winner pictures can be seen HERE if anyone is interested.

 Now - got to run and get a lot of stuff done, then prepare for Dr. Murakami tomorrow. Scroll down a bit on this blog if you want to see who he is. A hero in many eyes, for sure, and we are lucky enough to have him in Brampton, at Heart Lake United Church on Tuesday, September 18 to talk and answer questions about Lyme Disease!

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Paula said...

Wow, Marlene, you sure are keeping busy!!! I am frustrated, though, that the ones warning the public are the victims. It should be our public health units who have the booths, and they should be the ones going out to the schools. Enjoy Dr. Murakami tonight. I saw him in London last night. It was an honour to be at one of his lectures. He's a wonderful soul!

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