Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Farm show wow!

The little Lyme Mobile drew attention where it was parked!
One of the many displays put on with humour
Posting from the Outdoor Farm Show - and it took me about an hour to pick up my jaw from the ground ... This is huge. Immense. Not even the CNE in Toronto boggled my mind like this. People, machinery, displays, mums in all colours, food, and everything so orderly and well planned.

In the hour or so since Carolyn and I arrived, we've collected lots of signatures on the petition, and spoke with many.

Several people reported bites, showed their red mark and I took pictures.

All thanked us for our time. Or said keep on doing what you are doing. This is important.

So grateful for the opportunity!

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Paula said...

Just curious....did the people with the bites say if their doctors had prescribed any antibiotics? Afterall, if you have a bite and red mark, Canadian doctors are permitted to make a clinical diagnosis and prescribe (although it might not be a long enough prescription. My LLMD says 3 weeks for a bite in the absence of other symptoms, 6 weeks if there is a rash.)

MeerkatMarlene said...

Hi, Paula - the several people we spoke to, said they couldn't find a doctor to treat them despite the rash. Only one person said a neighbour was immediately treated. Several commented on the fact that vets are more aware of Lyme and would refer or warn pet owners when ticks are found on their animals. Roy's story, especially, upset me greatly. One day, this will change and people will get the information and treatment they need!

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