Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Success in Brampton with Dr. Murakami

Almost midnight -- a very exciting day, informative and busy. What an honour to have Dr. Murakami in Brampton to share information and answer questions!

I met him at Yorkdale this afternoon and we drove back to Brampton - catching every traffic light red! But there was no hurry or rush and we could chat. The much-needed rain made traffic slow, of course.

Then it was time to set up for the information session. When we arrived at 6 pm, there were already people and more coming. Introductions in the parking lot. One couple came since I spoke to their daughter while renewing my driver's license, and mentioned Lyme disease. It is no longer a rare disease.

At last count there were 77 people attending the session tonight. I didn't get to speak to everyone, of course, but there were people from Whitby, Markham, Aurora, Hamilton, Oshawa, Richmond Hill, Mississauga - and at least one couple from three hours away. People are hungry for information.

A patient, Steve, told his story. His health (and sight) improved greatly with treatment.

When dr. M asked how many people there had Lyme or a relative with Lyme, about 75% put up their hands. He said previous groups were about 50% or 60% - this was the highest yet he has seen. 

There has to be a tipping point, sometime soon, with so many people pushing for information and education, and of course asking for answers and accountability.

The next information session with dr. Murakami is in Kingston on September 20. A session is being arranged for Ottawa, but the details are not firm yet. Please keep watching the LDAO, this blog, or Facebook for details as soon as we have them.

Bedtime now - thank you to all my friends for your help, for making sandwiches and putting out tables, bringing fruit, being there -- you are my strength and support. Without you, things would have been very different. I love you.

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