Saturday, September 01, 2012

We had another table to give information about Lyme Disease. This time, however, it was disappointing. We found the arrangements for the event badly communicated, very few signs, no information of where we'll be setting up (grass or cement), and nobody in the park apparently aware of what was going on or where. Sue came to help out, and Arno brought extra water. He and Joe enjoyed some beer and wings.

When the wind came up and kept blowing our tent and the flyers every which way, we took it down and just sat in the open. Very few people came to ask information, or even make eye contact. They were clearly there to eat and drink and not listen to us trying to talk over the music!  Most didn't seem to notice the beauty of the moon raising - the second one in the same month, so a Blue Moon. But it was pink when I took pictures.

 There was some guy doing a Waldo impression and pretending to be funny, but we thought he was not at all funny, bad taste in jokes (among others, trying to make fun of the shooting at the Batman movie) and then he wondered why nobody was laughing! 

However, it was not all bad, not by a long shot. Spending time with friends who give so generously of their time in the quest to spread awareness of Lyme Disease, and to support me in the process, never is a waste of time.

We made two fabulous contacts -- one an MP who gave permission that we could drop by the office to leave CanLyme brochures, flyers about Dr. Murakami coming to do a series of 6 talks at different venues, and copies of the petition to ask for a National Lyme Disease strategy!

That was not all. Another girl saw the CanLyme banner and came over to talk, saying they want to start a wellness centre at a clinic to also be able to help and support people with Lyme Disease. I offered that Jess and I will go, of course. What a wonderful opportunity!

Oh yes and I fell. Threw the rough tarmac with a person. No idea how I did it, or how I landed. Right hand has a gouge and is swollen, left knee looks like a blue moon with the deep bruise blooming over it, and the right foot inside is scraped. Back must have been wrenched. But it could have been worse. Nothing broken!

  • Updated flyer with all six places where Dr. Murakami will be speaking (Fort Erie, Burlington, London, Brampton, Kingston, Toronto) in September 2012. Please post where you can, or give to contacts you might have at pharmacies, doctor's office or other health care workers. Of course people with Lyme or caring for someone who has Lyme are invited as well!
  • Brampton Fall Fair -- it goes over four days from Sept. 13-16, and isn't just for farmers! Anyone with hobbies like photography, knitting, sewing, drawing or painting, gardening, baking, canning and more can enter something in the fair. It is great fun to take part, to join in and to just be there. There are flyers for the Baby Show, the Classic Car show, the Fair in general, and more. LINK

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chillin with Quillin said...

oh so sorry you had a bad time and got hurt, but glad you caught the 2 peoples attention, thats awesome!!!
take care and becareful!!!

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