Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Farm show: Thanks to Salford

Second post from the show: we are busy! Lots of people asking questions, taking brochures, signing the petition, picking up the info about dr. Murakami's talks.

Carolyn is doing a wonderful job, talking to people as they pass by.

This was all made possible through the kindness of Salford, sharing their space with us. They made it possible to literally save lives.

Case in point: I've just talked to Roy - and the old story surfaces. No diagnosis, no treatment, even though he has a Lyme test from California - just steadily declining health and quality of life. Five years of it.

Twice a day Salford does Safety demonstrations, and allows Joe to talk about Lyme Disease along with their presentation. They clearly support this as very important protection for farmers.

Salford's website is salfordmachine.com

By the way, I made T-shirts for Joe, saying 'ask me about Lyme Disease'. He says people want to buy his off him! I think he likes the attention ...

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chillin with Quillin said...

glad you had a great turn out, hang in there!!!

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