Thursday, April 11, 2013

The elephant in the room

Done something I've really wanted to do: Met the oldest roadside attraction in America! And I want to use her as part of the Lyme awareness process if possible.

Meet Lucy, the elephant, who is eight years older than the Eiffel Tower and five years older than the Statue of Liberty! In the picture below, I'm standing at her foot. We were inside and right to the top, yes. Lucy stares out over the ocean in Margate, south of Atlantic City.

There are still people every day who write emails, asking for help, support, answers, advice or contact because of what they ran into with Lyme disease. And healthy people ask every day why this is happening, why a legitimate disease can't get the help they need to have a better quality of life. Simple. Or it should be.

A Swedish friend sent a link to an article in a newspaper. You can click and then run it through Google Translate. It won't translate perfectly, but we can get the general gist. In Sweden, there are reminders every spring to get vaccinated against TBE (tick bite encephalitis). One of the sentences reads" "Sometime in August 2008, I was assaulted by the vilest of God's creation."

May this year be a total groundswell in awareness and help for those of us with Lyme Disease!
Article online in the Brampton Guardian 

Sorry for the short post --- two months antibiotic free and so far so good! The hip pain has mostly disappeared, or maybe I convinced the brain to ignore it while doing a lot of walking and trying to stay active!

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