Sunday, April 21, 2013

Lyme Mobile on duty

The bright and beautiful Lyme mobile has been seen, been commented on, been photographed and is making a splash for Lyme Disease awareness, despite rain and grey skies!

On Friday, for the opening of the Caledon Chamber of Commerce Home show, the Lyme mobile was brought in and opened eyes everywhere.

On Saturday, we woke up to *snow* --- which brought so many people into the show, gathering around the Lyme booth, signing petitions to ask for change in Canada and picking up information. Many commented on the Lyme mobile they have seen outside.

The Caledon Chamber of Commerce Home Show is the first display for the bright and beautiful vehicle for the 2013 Lyme Awareness effort. People would come in, see the Lyme awareness booth, and immediately comment on the bright car outside. They can't miss it!

Thank you to Brampton Colony Ford for sponsoring this vehicle again this year! Sign Central in Georgetown did a beautiful job "wrapping" the Lyme mobile, and Jenni  is the graphic artist who created our distinctive Lyme bug treading lightly with everyone after him.

This year, it is amazing how people know more, are more aware, are anxious for information, asking for speaking engagements and constantly saying thank you for the brochures and for the booth. They sign the petition and support the cause.

I've been trying all weekend to do an updated blog post, but it has been too busy to sit down and write something. Very grateful for all the interest from so many different people. There will be more speaking engagements and awareness sessions coming from this event.

We are gearing up for World Wide Lyme Disease awareness in May. Some 20 countries are on board with various projects to create awareness. Lisa Hilton created a YouTube video, using pictures of Lyme patients all over the world, grouping them by country: Why do we need World-Wide Awareness


The picture above is one that my Swedish friend, Nyree sent. Her 14-year old daughter, who is aware of my battle with Lyme Disease, took the picture of her text book and sent on. Translated, it says:
"The most common are ticks. They suck blood from mammals, for example deer and humans. If you are bitten by a tick, it is important to have it removed as soon as possible. Ticks can spread serious diseases that give muscle pain and meningitis."

Nyree asked: Are Canadian doctors less educated that Swedish 14-year olds??

Profound. Indeed.
Nyree's daughter just became another Lyme warrior! I'm sending her some stuff to thank her, and to encourage her to keep talking to others. Nyree has also bought some tick-related items and mailed them to me - as soon as they arrive, I'll do another post to update.

Please share the information with others, who might need the support of Lymies. Also the caregivers - those who look after us, need support, help and a way to talk and be understood. We hope there will be many people to take part in the Walk in Brampton, or other events close to home! If you would like to come to Brampton, remember we start on the Friday already, with a bus trip to Niagara Falls to view the green lights and to wear green and be seen for Lyme. Niagara Falls Canada has been immensely helpful, proclaiming May as Lyme Disease Awareness month and with Niagara Falls going green on May 17. People are coming down to stay in Brampton to be at Niagara on Friday and attend the walk on Saturday. it is a long weekend, after all!


  1. Resident gets ticked off
  2. RBG Home & Garden Show, May 3-5, 2013, RGG Centre, Burlington
  3. Dr. Ernie Murakami about Lyme Disease, Whitby, May 10, 
  4. LymeSavers Walk / Run, Whitby, May 11, 
  5. Green lights on CN Tower for Lyme Awareness, May 11, meet  after dark in the park opposite the Tower, see LINK and graphic 
  6. GREEN LIGHTS ON NIAGARA FALLS: May 17 - bus from Brampton to Niagara Falls at 6 pm, returns before midnight, see info and  LINK 

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chillin with Quillin said...

I am so excited for you such great news, sounds like the news is spreading like a wild fire, keep up the great work, hope you are doing well, sorry I havent commented lately. Take care !!!!

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