Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Brain healing

Yesterday morning on the way to work, I stopped at a spot with a wetland, that always fascinates me with changing colours, sometimes reflections, sometimes gunk covering the water - always something different. Took the picture below, among the 40 or so others that were squeezed off. Even though the Fall colours are fading, the reflection in the perfectly smooth water was so pretty! A camera can just not capture every nuance of the play of light and dark that the eye can see.

Then, driving home later, there was a talk on the radio about taking a short walk in a wooded area or park during the work day. Seems the part of the brain that is needed for sharp concentration, is healed while the other part of the brain that is nourished by nature, takes over for a few minutes. What a blessing to have something living and green somewhere, to look at, enjoy and to find healing at the same time!

I had the privilege to speak to a group of women last night about Lyme disease, the lack of treatment in Canada, the fact that testing is inadequate and that doctors are not equipped to diagnose the early stages. Those who try to help, are often pushed out by other doctors, for treating "a disease which doesn't exist in Canada". Mind-boggling.

We need more publicity about the early stages and the fact that Lyme disease is treatable if caught early; we need doctors to be aware of the early symptoms; more information must be posted everywhere, since knowledge is power; better and more accurate tests are desperately needed; and doctors and patients who are dealing with Lyme disease and the co-infections need to be protected from ignorant people who still deny it exists.

Let's hope and pray the ILADS* Conference in Toronto will be attended by many doctors, nurses, medical students and others in the position to constantly help get the word out, and to prevent more people getting sick and then being set adrift with no treatment!
(*International Lyme and Associated Diseases Society)

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aquariann said...

Gorgeous capture! The reflection almost looks clearer than the real trees.

*hopes the conference is well attended*

-:¦:- WW: Ghostly Moon -:¦:-

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