Friday, October 07, 2011

Wordless Wednesday: Fractured heel

(Terrible cell phone picture ...) Not exactly wordless, but it DID happen on Wednesday! Son alone at work, waiting for his lift. Son, being male, not listening to good advice not to go on the ladder to move certain beams around. Son fell down. Lots of annoyed yelling at himself (I was told). Discovered no ice. More yelling. Came home, can't put weight on the foot and thigh in pain as well. Being male, wouldn't be taken to be seen by a doctor. Mom insists there's a fracture. Next morning, ER stop with Mom taking no nonsense. Two hours later, splint on, crutches in place, fracture confirmed. Could have been worse, though! Picture shows son with me at my second job, in wheelchair, crutches waiting, leg propped up, and working remotely from my laptop. Going to be an interesting Canadian Thanksgiving this weekend!

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