Monday, October 24, 2011

Meeting dr. Murakami

This weekend, Oct. 28 - 30, the ILADS Lyme Disease Conference will be held in Toronto. It is geared towards doctors, medical students, nurses, and health care practitioners. Several speakers will be talking, answering questions, and getting the desperately needed information out. Please pray with me that it will help push this scorned disease even more on the foreground? I'm not pretending that other diseases and conditions are less than Lyme, only that the fact of no available treatment in Canada, the lack of testing and the serious lack of support for doctors and patients must end or be changed.

ILADS Lyme Disease Conference

On Saturday night, a small group of us hope to meet with dr. Ernie Murakami - seen as a hero by many, yet pushed out of practice in BC.
Video link and more information about him can be found HERE, a CBC link from 2008.
Picture from the video is below. 

BC doctor urged to retire because of zealous approach to Lyme disease

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