Monday, October 31, 2011

Meeting the Lyme warriors in Toronto

What a rush this weekend was! Being able to see, hear, meet, talk to and just observe so many people who have become familiar to me through research about this disease we are fighting, either as patients or as health care givers or family members, gave me energy to fly! Of course, as always, then the crash happens and I woke up this morning with infection in both eyes. And fatigue dragging my feet. But it was so worth it! I'm busy uploading some of the pictures taken this weekend. Below is a collage of some of the pictures that meant so much. I can't pick one that meant more than another, but as a Lymie who have seen the suffering of Mandy Hughes on the film, "Under our Skin", it was particularly uplifting to see her at the conference, and to talk briefly with her and with her mother.

Too many to name, but the pictures are being uploaded and captioned to Picasaweb. You can see them either from HERE  .... OR if you have a Gmail account and wish to comment on some of the pictures, please go directly to the ALBUM. Hopefully the rest of the pictures will be uploaded today, October 31.

Thank you, to everyone who came and who give us, the patients, so much support, in many different ways!

A very special thanks to my friend Anne, who dragged me along to the conference. Part of the Lyme Brain is that I find it hard to make decisions or to plan ahead. Anne would have none of that. Thank you!!

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