Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Autographed hockey items for our auction

Now, don't shoot --- but we are not (ice) hockey fans. And no, not really rugby fans either! But we know how important hockey is to Canadians.

If you are in the market to collect some autographed Maple Leafs items, drop by on Saturday in Brampton, at the Lyme Disease Awareness Day! Two very special autographed pieces will be part of the auction.

(Link to bigger view is below)

There are many other items to bid on as well. You don't have to participate in the Lyme Walk to be able to bid; there are separate bid forms to register (cash or credit card only). The Walk participants will receive a bidder number when they register and hand in signed waivers as well as any pledges or donations they collected.

Some items for the auction:
  • Remote controlled helium fish (you got to see it to believe it!) 
  • Pinwheel wine decanter (priceless)
  • Watches, radios and more
  • Beauty products
  • Family 4-day passes for the Brampton Fall Fair
  • Household items
  • Canvas lounger chair
  • Maple Leafs autographed jersey
  • Maple Leafs autographed stick
  • and more!

Crazy prizes will be handed out during the day, but you have to be there to win. Hint: A crazy hairstyle might get you a prize ... Some little prizes, some fun toys, some big things -- and some very special items that were designed especially for our Walk event in England by a friend of mine. The files were sent electronically and the designs created in Alberta, then shipped off in a hurry to be in time for Saturday. These are special Lyme decals.
This is a truly international event! Thank you, Bendog and Sue, for your part in our day! 

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