Friday, May 04, 2012

Lyme Mobile brings something wonderful

This is meant to be, Kim and I are sure of it! This Lyme Mobile has already saved lives. Happened again this morning. But first to tell about last night!

We took the Lyme Mobile over to Vaughan for the Magnotta Underground Cellar event, to benefit CanLyme and awareness of Lyme Disease. Neither of us met Rosanna Magnotta before, although of course we know of her, and their winery is one of our (family) favourite spots in the Niagara Region.

Trying to change lanes to get to the winery last night was interesting! People kept reading the messages and signs on the car instead of letting us in! But we made it and Rosanna was waiting for us. The Lyme Mobile was parked so that arriving guests would see it and know they were at the right place.

Rosanna Magnotta, Kim and Marlene with the Lyme Mobile

Inside, we met with several interesting and interested people, struck up conversations, enjoyed the delicious snacks and of course Kim shopped a little! We were surrounded by barrels of aging wine, and people who actually asked the right questions about Lyme instead of looking surprised. Sharing stories, some of them horror tales of sadness and lives forever changed. There has to be accountability; this can not continue.


Picture above is a combination of one of the pretty decorated tables scattered around, and a view from a corner of the cellar where the function was held. (bigger picture)

A meeting meant to be
This morning, I took the Lyme Mobile to work since it has to be at the Brampton Community Expo tomorrow, with flyers, CanLyme brochures, and Pam and I in attendance to promote the Lyme Awareness walk on May 19. I took a different route than usual, stopped at several places where I don't usually go in the morning, and then decided to visit a business supporting our Lyme Walk. I didn't know where they were, so pulled into an office building's driveway to make a phone call. 

I wasn't there 10 seconds when a man came out of the building. He did a double take when he saw the Lyme Mobile, walked to the side and asked me to roll down the window. He said, "This is the Lyme Disease I know about, right? From a tick?" I said yes and he said, "I have a friend in the hospital in Downtown Toronto. She is dying from Lyme Disease. The doctors don't know what to do. I don't know what to do."

I grabbed flyers about the Brampton Walk and brochure of CanLyme, told him I have Lyme Disease myself and was dropped from treatment in Ontario. He got very upset, saying what are people supposed to do? I said that is exactly why we are driving the Lyme Mobile, arranging events like the Lyme Walk, handing out information and trying to bring awareness. Wrote down some info, told him to try and call my doctor, give my name and see if he can get help for his friend. He was so grateful, I was in chills and almost in tears .... 

The kind, kind man shook my hand, and said, "What are the chances of me meeting you here now, today, in this moment?"

This is planned, this is meant to be, we are being directed into a place and being exactly where we are to be. No other answer. For me, I believe that God is directing this. Other people can believe in another power. But this is not from one person or even a group of people.  There is a force at work, and this year will bring great things and great changes.

The Lyme Mobile and the Hydro worker
On Monday, when Kim had the Lyme Mobile, she stopped at a Tim Hortons. There was a group of Hydro workers and they asked about the disease. She started talking, one guy pulled up his shirt --- and he had a bull's eye rash. Kim immediately handed him brochures and told him to get himself to a doctor as soon as possible, to insist on at least 2 weeks of antibiotics and to find another doctor if that one wouldn't give it to him. Unfortunately only a very small percentage of infected people show a rash like that, but the specific rash is complete proof of Lyme Disease. Immediate treatment is needed. DO NOT wait for symptoms. 
That is what we're trying to accomplish: Information, education, knowledge, patients to be on the lookout without being paranoid, and doctors to treat immediately.

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