Saturday, May 19, 2012

Lyme Day, Brampton - a huge success!

Today, as you know if you have been reading this blog, was the date for our Lyme Disease Awareness day. So many people gave so much of their time to make this dream of mine come true. Without them, it would have remained a dream, or a small event.

But look! I have no idea how many people turned up, but there was a sea of green! Roberta, bless her, had my camera and went nuts. I'm so grateful to her, because without that, we wouldn't have these pictures capturing the moments!

Ready to start the walk!
I'm busy uploading and captioning pictures. If you have a Gmail account, you can log in and post comments or names on the pictures if you like. The link to the online album is  HERE  - please enjoy them!

Thank you can not cover the grateful feeling in my heart, for everyone who did anything to make this day the success it seems to be. I'll send emails as well, but please know that everyone, near and far, created the day. To everyone who made the effort to come, to join in, to tell others, or in any way did something - my apologies if I didn't get to talk to you in person today.

Let's get the word out about Lyme Disease, every day, in every way we can!
We CAN make a difference.

** See the front page of the site for a plan and request for your Walk pictures!

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chillin with Quillin said...

I am so happy it went well, keep up the good work, and take care!!!

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