Tuesday, May 15, 2012

BramptonGuardian Article: Lyme Mobile hits the streets

Feeling quite embarrassed  reading all that ... and a slight mistake as I never stopped working altogether, but just adjusted hours. The people where I worked, were and are immensely supportive. Work kept me sane. Just having to get up each day, get dressed, get out, instead of staying in bed (which was what the body wanted), made a difference, I'm sure.
BramptonGuardian Article: Lyme Mobile hits the streets

Another picture that was in the Guardian on May 4, is here below. That was the day when we talked to the City Council, as a previous entry on this blog explains. 

 Weather for our Lyme Awareness day on May 19th looks great!

If you're coming, please remember to bring sunscreen, water and a picnic blanket or chair to sit on. We have no idea how many people might be there, but it looks promising!

Silent Auction items are fabulous. There should be something for anyone. Even if you are not taking part in the walk, you can register to bid on items if you like. Registered participants get a bid number automatically to use if they like to bid on any items.

There are special Maple Leafs things ... signed ... check out Facebook or our LymeWalk website for pictures which should be taken today and uploaded as soon as possible.

We are so very grateful to our sponsors, to committee members and many, many other helpers who made this day possible. May it be that Lymies and their caregivers find support, networks, help and information to help the isolation so many feel by not being able to get treated in Canada.

Lots of prizes will be handed out, but you have to be there to receive them! Crazy things --- anyone can win.

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