Thursday, May 17, 2012

Lyme Walk T-shirts just arrived!

I'm so excited -- the T-shirts look great! Sorry that I had to model it myself, but there's nobody else --- and just a cell phone pic.

The link is on the LymeWalk website, under the Sponsors tab - please visit a few of them and tell them where you found them! For instance, our tick was designed by Jenni, who has her own unique style and is accepting commissions! Her business card is on the Sponsors page, with link. Check out the sponsor logos, please. It would be great if you could visit their sites. We also had a bunch of supporters who helped in some or other way to make this Lyme Awareness Day come together.

Lyme Walk Brampton T-shirt
Sample of the Lyme Walk shirts

Did you see the Maple Leafs collectors items we have for the Silent Auction? Read the post below this one and please tell any hockey fans you might know. NOTE: Cash or credit card only, please.

We'll have a Petition ready for people to sign, to get awareness to the Government, adding our voices to those already trying to get action.

Please bring water, sunscreen, snacks or a picnic if you plan to spend the day in the park (there's a Midway in the afternoon), a folding chair or picnic blanket, and anything else you might need for a day out. On the Walk FAQ page you will find a MAP of the park, showing where is what, parking, activities, and more.

Weather promises to be gorgeous on Saturday. We hope to raise awareness about Lyme Disease, to share stories with each other, and to have fun out.

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