Sunday, June 17, 2012

Caledon Day Lyme booth

A very successful day at Caledon East, to share information, flyers and facts about Lyme disease! It was amazing that almost everybody who stopped to pick up flyers or ask questions, knew someone with Lyme disease. Only a few were not aware. All were willing to listen. All thanked us for our time, and for making them take note of the disease and how to protect themselves.

Our booth at Caledon Day
 The stories that emerged, were interesting, funny, scary, and sad. One woman talked about someone who has been sick for 5 years, with the usual - no diagnosis for years, now treatment in the States. This woman dearly wants a baby, but doesn't dare fall pregnant. This disease is stealing so much from so many people, and it doesn't have to be that way!

Joe was great - every time someone walked by and looked over but walking by, he would ask, "Do you know about Lyme disease?" They would wander over, and start listening, asking questions, and pretty soon clutching flyers and asking for contact information.

But we also had time to eat, share a few stories, and talk about our next event to share information.

Thanks again, to the Caledon Town Council for giving us this opportunity to share awareness about Lyme Disease!

Please watch this blog about updates this week, and things that will be happening this summer. Lots of interesting things to share!

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chillin with Quillin said...

congrats on your day of sharing your information to others,your doing great!!!

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