Wednesday, June 13, 2012


Yesterday's presentation to the Town Council of Caledon went really well! They listened attentively, asked many really good questions, and asked several times what they can do to help. Then the Mayor and Councillors sprang into action!

Time allocated for the delegation was 15 minutes and I think I only spoke for 5 or 6 minutes. Lots of questions followed, high interest and excellent suggestions made it 25 minutes.
Mayor Marolyn Morrison writes a column every week and is planning to write about the presentation regarding Lyme disease.
Councillor Allan Thompson will present to his ROMA Caucus this week (Rural Ontario Municipal Association)
Mayor Morrison will present to the influential Regional and Single Tier Caucus.
The issue will then be brought to the Association of Municipalities of Ontario.

The Council will support us when we make a presentation to the Council of the Region of Peel at a later date. 
They asked if we have flyers or information and would be able to attend the Caledon Day this Saturday. The Council will cover the liability for our booth  in Caledon East, which will be from 2:00 pm to 10:00 pm.

There were two reporters from Caledon papers who were jotting down notes and will be writing something. 

We had a delegation of 6 supporters at the meeting. 

 And I was told that my green toenails had to make an appearance on the blog as well!

More info -- the Bass Pro Shop in Vaughan has a page on their website, warning about Lyme Disease and how to protect and take care. Excellent that they are doing that!

Messages keep coming in from people in Ontario who have Lyme Disease. Please take a look at the link below if you know someone with Lyme, and the reason why the list is being compiled. 

List tally from Friday to Tuesday: 36 reported in. More emails arrived today, to be added. This is breaking my heart, reading all the stories.



chillin with Quillin said...

glad it turned out well, sounds like your word is getting out there, keep up the good work, I am praying for you and others with the desease, bless you and yours!!!

Paula said...

This is wonderful news! Thank you so much for the work you are doing on behalf of the Lyme community in Ontario.

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