Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Pushing for more awareness

This post will be about several different items, since a lot happened during the last few days, regarding the Lyme Front!
  1. Today a group of us will delegate to the Town of Caledon Council meeting, to ask for support and help in moving forward for Canadians with Lyme disease to get the health care they need. This is the request I've sent through to present: "Lyme Disease patients are being denied access to health care in Canada. Too many Canadians are now disabled, deprived of the joy of family and friends, of school or work, due to Lyme disease. The public and the medical community need to be educated as to the increasing incidence and range of this disease. Lyme Disease is currently spreading faster than AIDS, West Nile and Avian Flu combined. Lyme Disease can be devastating and affects every organ and part of the body, including the brain, if not treated in a timely manner. The cost to health care and welfare as well as social and economic structures could be astronomical. We need development of a national strategy to address the challenges of timely recognition, diagnosis and treatment of Lyme Disease." Supporting documents are my own letters and story, Jim Wilson's article in the Health Magazine and the Press Release regarding the Government Report about Lyme Disease in BC which was published last March (links below)
  2. Some of the statement above was taken from the website of Elizabeth May, Member of Parliament, who will introduce a Private Member's bill on June 20. This will be a "National Lyme Strategy Bill" and is not linked to any one party. This bill is aimed at supporting all Canadians with a much-needed, coordinated national strategy to get rid of the blocks currently preventing quick diagnosis, timely and accurate testing, full treatment and longer term support and care.
  3. Tomorrow we'll find out if we can have a Lyme Booth to hand out flyers at the Caledon Day being planned for June 16. It is free!
  4. This weekend is also the Markham Music festival. The Lyme Mobile will be there, and so will a booth with flyers and information. If you have a love for music, if you have a dog, if you want to get out and enjoy some fun, join in and come say hi, please!
  5. Since starting to collect a list of Lymies in Ontario on Friday, after a successful meeting with a City Councillor and LHIN Board chair, there are more than 2 dozen people who emailed their names or initials to be added. Heartbreaking stories emerge. Tales of neglect by the medical profession, stress and concern about children and parents, loss of jobs, activities, mental capacities, family budgets and more. THIS HAS TO STOP! Under the Declaration of Human Rights we have "- rights to health care and to the benefits of scientific progress".
  6. The prediction is that by 2020, some 80% of Ontarians will live in a Lyme endemic area. We all need to know how to do tick checks and early symptom control.  Dr. Ernie Murakami, who was forced out of his practice in BC where he was successfully treating Lyme Disease patients, is very active in helping, supporting and sharing his knowledge. More than a decade ago, he developed a simple, fail-proof method to remove an embedded tick without leaving any mouthpiece or part of the tick behind, and without injecting the stomach contents into the host where it might be attached. The video link is on YouTube, as given below. Please educate yourself, and maybe put the video clip on a CD to take to your doctor and health care workers.
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chillin with Quillin said...

I have kept up with your posts, and must say its sad to have to fight to get good treatment,I really feel for those who have this including you! your doing a great job, keep up the good work, and take care, wish you the best!!

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