Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Things change ...

The space of hours changed everything!
~~Update: The news video clip on CTV news can be seen HERE ~~

If you had a look at yesterday's post (here in new window), the updates in quick format are below. Our Ottawa trip is off, so I have an unexpected day to relax and pick up on chores or such. What a gift! The CTV interview didn't air last night, as far as I know. Still talking about creating a Lyme support group in Brampton. Watch out for the extreme heat! And on July 1st, we'll have a Lyme awareness table at a local Strawberry Festival. Join us!

1. Our Ottawa trip for this week is off. Seems too many changes are happening and we might get there, not be able to be part of the press conference, maybe not get into the gallery for the tabling of the Bill, and perhaps there would be a vote to end early, which means everything will have to wait until the Fall. Some others are still planning to be there, of course, but for us to drive up for 5 hours in the heat, just to turn around again, is really not worth our while.

2. So far the Press Conference about the private member's bill calling for a National Lyme Disease strategy is still being planned for tomorrow at 11:30 am, at Parliament Hill in Ottawa. The Lyme Mobile is to be there at this point. I've asked for cell phone pictures to be sent to me if possible, and will post to this blog as they come in.

3. CTV Health news about Lyme --- the TV was on last night but I wasn't really watching and didn't think the segment showed. My apologies if anyone stayed up to watch the 11 o' clock news! That was the info I had. However, whenever (or if) it airs, it would probably online the next day, at CTV National News, then choosing the relevant date in the list below the video screen.

ADDED after the newscast: 
Lyme Disease on the increase   or the text from the video write-up underneath.

4. Lyme disease support group in Brampton: Some emails received, but I know everyone is wilting in the heat and probably watching the events in Ottawa, so didn't expect anything concrete to happen until maybe the weekend or next week. If you are interested, please let me know and we can go from there. We could plan the first meeting for the evening of June 28. If you are interested, please contact me at Support group Brampton

5. Extreme heat alert for much of Southern Ontario: Stay cool and hydrated, please! The heat and especially humidity make Lymies feel very bad, usually. Even late afternoon yesterday it was still feeling like 41 C / 106 F with the humidity. Toronto warning  

6. Lyme disease awareness at the Downey's Strawberry Festival!  Fun for the whole family, free parking and admission. Come for breakfast starting at 9:00 am, served with fresh strawberries. There will be entertainment, pony rides for kids, and all sorts of fun.

7. LYMIES OF ONTARIO: Emails are still coming in, asking to be added to the count. Please see the blog entry if you are interested to know why.

~~~~ Message just in: ~~~

From CNN: Ticks causing rare meat allergy
What causes the allergy may be surprising.
All known patients who have alpha-gal have had at least one tick bite. Platts-Mills, who also suffers from alpha-gal, made the connection after receiving countless bites while hiking in the woods one August. As a result, his level of IgE, which measures the alpha-gal allergy in one's blood, went up several-hundred points. That is when Platts-Mills concluded there is some relation to the number of tick bites one receives and how allergic one may become to alpha-gal.  .... "Presumably something happened with the ticks," said Platts-Mills. "It could possibly be a new tick spreading."

The above sentences are just some from the whole article. Please read from the beginning to get the context. READ MORE

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