Friday, July 13, 2012

National Lyme Strategy Petition is ready!

** Updated: The links to 4Shared were giving trouble, so please click on link #2 below for another place to find Elizabeth May's petition in PDF format.

***UPDATED Nov 2012: We now also have a petition from Tory David Tilson, M.P. (Dufferin-Caledon)! Let me know if you want a copy to collect and send in signatures. It asks for a National Strategy as well. Email to ask for David Tilson's petition.

So grateful and excited! I've been in regular touch with the office of Elizabeth May, MP, about the petition to ask for a National Strategy dealing with Lyme Disease. Since we were planning another information booth at SouthFields Community Day tomorrow, I was hoping it would be ready.

And --- guess what - here it is! Just received after 2pm today, approved by the House of Commons. We can print, have friends and family sign and share according to the instructions printed on every page!
Please link this blog page to your blog or your Facebook, or Twitter, in order for others to share and download the same document. Print, read info and collect signatures. Choose one of the three links that works for you. The first one is on 4Shared for those who have accounts there. The #2 link is on an outside website. The #3 link should be accessible to most others. Hit the green "Download" button on the page that will open: (a) #1 link to Download Petition or (b)  #2 link to Download Petition  or (c) #3 link to Download Petition.

Let's go! If we can use the next few weeks to get copies of the petition signed and sent in, we can hit the ground running in September. Please remember that only people who live in Canada are allowed to sign the petition, but feel free to share with friends who might be in contact with others here!

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Paula said...

Great news about the petition! I didn't know that Elizabeth May was adding this to the mix. Do you have any idea about whether MPP Bob Bailey is going to continue on with his private member's bill and petition, in light of the new 'national' focus on Lyme? I am sending some signatures into his office,too.

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