Friday, July 06, 2012

Very hot, very busy week!

More things happened on the Lyme front, but the biggest event is that we have had record-breaking heat this week. I feel a bit wilted --- thank goodness that friends invited us for a pool party tonight! Marvellous to cool down a bit. How I love living in this place with the dramatic weather changes in every season! Picture shows the temperature reading on my car's outside thermometer at 3 PM this afternoon, reading 40C:

Last Sunday was Canada Day. Thanks to Joe, we had a table and booth at Downey's Farm Market, where they were putting on a Strawberry Festival. Lots of conversations about Lyme Disease, handing out flyers, answering questions and getting some feedback. MPP Sylvia Jones came by as well for a chat and asked if they could have a picture. We gladly posed for one with her.

This Saturday we'll be setting up a booth at the Cheltenham Day where there will be a Soap Box Derby, Duck races, and more. Every person we can tell about Lyme Disease and how to protect themselves and their loved ones, might make a difference in their lives.

Cheltenham Day
MPP Sylvia Jones

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