Saturday, July 07, 2012

Posting from Cheltenham Day

Right, let's see how it works to post while on location!

Most important: I've change this blog to have a clear link for those who want to add to the tally of Lyme patients in Ontario. Please look at the top for the correct tab to a page behind this one. 

Back to today's events: Right now we're watching the Downhill Soap Box derby - my first time seeing them live! (Cell picture showing a finish and some of the tents and people.)

We're having great conversations about Lyme disease, people asking questions and taking flyers and contact cards.

Talking to a vet who once again said the ticks are very active this year, but they usually respond to treatment. Their screening tests for Lyme are done in office and takes only fifteen minutes. (That tests for the antibodies and doesn't mean the dog has Lyme.)

He even found a Lone Star tick - those are the ones that can chase after a victim, and that I always thought were only down in Texas!

It is clear that we need to raise awareness in any way possible, keep writing to newspapers even though they have mostly ignored my letters and articles so far, and getting people to talk to their doctors. As dr. Murakami keeps saying, we are facing a pandemic the longer there is no general information posted.

Preliminary future events: talking to a Gardening Club, and talking to a Rotary Club.

Grateful to friend Joe for getting me in contact with so many people!

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Lisa Hilton said...

Nice to see people raising awareness!!

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