Saturday, July 14, 2012

Raising awareness today

Posting from behind the Lyme Awareness table on location!

Says friend Joe: "Peel Health should be doing this information and outreach! We should be getting their wages!"

Yeah, right. And piglets might fly, eh?

Activity at our Lyme booth, questions and interest as people walk by. One woman became totally shocked because she is sure she had a Bulls eye rash on her chest last summer! She took a picture of her rash and will send it to me tonight.

This is criminal neglect: People getting bitten or sick and not being made aware of the early symptoms and available treatment.

People are signing the petition, which is good! (See blog post to read about the petition.)

The day is hot, but we have a breeze and shade under the tent. People are showing interest when they see the information board. Talking to tree doctors who knew a bit about Lyme, but were shocked about the lack of treatment in Canada.

Every person who hears the message, is one more who can protect themselves and loved ones.

Exciting: set up a talk with a school principal to slot into their Health cirricculum when school starts again. The children are my main concern. They are our future, after all.

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1 comment:

chillin with Quillin said...

I know I've told you before ,but again your doing a great job, the word is getting out there!!
take care !!!
hugs Paula

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