Tuesday, November 15, 2011

To the States for treatment again

Last Monday, we had to take the 7 hour trek to the USA again, in order to be seen by a Lyme Literate doctor (LLMD). The doctor who was treating me in Ontario has been forced out of practice for treating "a disease which doesn't exist in Canada". (spit)

I'm so grateful that dr. Maureen McS accepted me as a patient! I first saw her in May 2011, when she also diagnosed me with the terrible twins, Babs and Bart (Babesia and Bartonella). For three months we attacked Bart, and then in August started targeting Babs. 

Dr. McS with me at the Lyme Conference in Toronto.

The hotel where we stayed was quite nice, but food was an issue. Really hard for me to find much, especially breakfast. When you tell a restaurant you need a meal to be gluten free, sugar free, casein free (no cheese), not allowed salad dressings or mayonnaise, and no beverages other than water with lemon juice, they look at you rather funny!

Spent about 90 mins with the doctor. She is generally pleased with my progress, but doesn't like the ugly, deep hurting bruises on especially my legs. More tests to be done.

I would also have to start injecting myself with Vit B shots, to try and get the brain functions back to normal.

She's changing some of my meds, keeping me on some and adding more to the cocktail. This will be hard on me, she said, for the next three months. Now I have to wait to see my GP in Ontario to see which prescriptions he'll rewrite and which ones we must order ourselves.

Some of the pills our pharmacy can't find in Canada any more, so we bought and paid for one kind for two months while in the USA.

That's when I had another diabetic crash. Too long without food, and poor Arno had to drag me to a food court and got some steamed veg and wokked pork with a cup of black coffee. I didn't get as bad as the previous crash, because he got such a fright the previous time, poor guy, and reacted rather quickly this time.

The doctor said I have to eat every three hours to avoid these crashes, and always include protein, which is what I've been trying to do all along. If you see a  woman carrying a little bright pink lunch bag everywhere, say hi! Chances are it might be me ...

Have to continue with the very restricted diet, but might be able to add cider vinegar with 'the mother culture' included. Oh and I can have goat's milk cheese and feta.

Must try to work in more walking, cut down working hours (currently around 30 - 40 per week), and look at another 18 months of treatment to beat the Lyme monster.

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