Friday, November 25, 2011

Another lobby for Lyme!

Been swapping emails with my friend and birthday buddy, Joe Gray today. As a farmer and as a friend, the drama around my struggle with Lyme disease has been something he has been talking about and informing others. Before sharing his news, here is a picture of Joe and I earlier this year, on our birthday - since we each celebrated a significant number this year!

Joe and I at the Fall Fair.

Joe wrote: "I attended the Ontario Federation of Agriculture's annual convention on Monday. There was a resolution brought forward asking the OFA to lobby the government to acknowledge Lyme disease in Canada. I explained the difficulties that you have gone through and still are. The resolution was accepted."

The exact wording of the OFA's resolution: "Therefore be it resolved that the OFA lobby that the Ontario government encourage the medical community to recognize this is a serious disease, adopt more advanced technologies to improve diagnosis and treatment of acute and chronic Lyme disease as well as improving public and physician education about the disease, thereby eliminating doctor reprimands for actively treating Lyme disease."

Isn't that great news?
Thank you so much, Joe, and everyone else who gets a word in about Lyme, who lets others know about how to do the simple checks and to be aware, not paranoid!

OFA website

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