Tuesday, November 22, 2011

First needle & elevated lead levels

Well, this one was a success!

I asked Arno to watch me do the first injection, just to be sure not to mess it up. At least I didn't tattoo myself with the red stuff! This will have to be done three times a week for the next 6 months to a year, and hopefully will help recover some of the destroyed brain pathways.  It burns to go in, though, but only for a second. No big deal.

We sorted out the pills for the next week. About 45 pills a day, without the liquid supplements and probiotics. Right now I'm also on Malarone, which is a malaria tablet; 4 a day for the next three days, then 2 a day for the next 3 or 6 months. A friend had severe hallucinations on malaria tabs and told me last night to watch it!

Anyway, the new diagnosis. Seems I have elevated lead levels. That was one of the tests the doctor wanted to do and the one I had to Fedex, as mentioned in the blog post under the pic of the new pills. Last night I received this email from the Lyme specialist:
Your lead is elevated at 25. I am going to attach how I treat it, but you can also see a naturopath in Ontario for IV chelation.
It may not resolve rapidly, but need about 3 rounds of the detoxamin. The IV treatments also can take a while to clear it all as it is stored deep in tissue, in bone."

Then from her email, the cost per round (I won't copy and paste the whole thing only the bottom line):
$270.00 for 7.5 weeks plus $30.00 packaging and mailing =$ 300.00 US
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