Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Winter is coming!

What a glorious, shining world we looked out on early in the morning! Everything was covered with a fine layer of ice, and as the day warmed up, the sparkling and diamond drops were everywhere. This is a Blackberry shot of our bbq (braai in Afrikaans) - Jaco forgot to put the cover back on after they "tanned some steaks" on Saturday.

 Yes, I know those who  were out late last night did not appreciate finding their cars totally iced over and their ice scrapers still locked in the trunk, which couldn't be opened because of the ice ... but it is very pretty! Driving the work the street signs had long icicles hanging down, making the drive incredibly interesting. Mundane things decorated by ice.

Ok, Bat, I know you say snow is eeeeeevil .... but you'll have to come here to beat me up first!

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