Saturday, November 19, 2011

Deep, sore bruises

Bruises keep appearing on my legs. They hurt!
This is probably a funny picture, taken with the cell phone of my right thigh. There are more bruises on the back of both knees, on the inside and outside of both thighs. There has been no trauma; no wild parties, no dancing on tables or rolling down stairs! When the LLMD saw my heavily bruised legs on Nov. 7, she admitted to thinking they were caused by some force from outside (use your imagination!), but quickly changed her mind when she saw how and where they were placed.

She thinks there might be a Vit. K deficiency or something. I have a request for a specific blood test but am only seeing my family doctor on the 21st of Nov. He has to re-write the New York state prescriptions in order for me to fill them here in Ontario.

So, just another milepost on the weird path through Lymeville to Health!

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