Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Another surgery

Here we are again - Feels like almost old hat by now!

Friend Joe picked us up around 6:30 am to bring to hospital for Arno's second surgery.  The full thyroid and para-thyroid will be removed today, exactly 2 months after the left side was removed.

Gentle pink clouds on the horizon as the sun rose to greet us.

Thank you for all the messages, phone calls, care and concern coming our way!

8:00 am our time
Things went very quickly this time!
Processed, IV in, blood work done, paperwork checked. Arno is now sitting in a chair, waiting for the anaesthetist, operating nurse and surgeon to come by. If all goes well and according to schedule, he should be wheeled in around 9 am. Surgery to take about 90 minutes. I'll be waiting in the area and update when there is news.

Update: 9 am our time (plus 6 hours in South Africa) 
I'm impressed! Right on time at 9am all three mentioned above came by to talk, check and take Arno to the theatre. Surgery should last about 90 minutes. I'm having a coffee and hash brown while waiting. The surgeon will come find me in the waiting room after surgery to update.

Update: 11:00 am   
No real update yet, since I'm still waiting for the surgeon to come out. Two hours now, but I know
people are checking in. Arno's blood pressure was again quite high before the start of surgery and he had a bad headache. Last time they also had trouble with the blood pressure. I'm sure that's all the delay is right now.

Update: 11:40 am
Just spoke to the surgeon. He said everything went well. He didn't see anything that looked like obvious cancer in the thyroid that was being removed today. They tried to save the para-thyroid so the calcium levels can be better controlled. Arno will stay the night and might go home late tomorrow if all goes well, or possibly Friday.

We have to go in to see the surgeon next week to get the stitch removed and the wound checked. At that time.,we'll also get a referral to see an Endocrinologist to determine next steps.
( is the study of medicine that relates to the endocrine system, which is the system that controls hormones. An endocrinologist will deal with diseases that are caused by problems with hormones.)

11:50 am - Arno is now in recovery and might stay another hour before being moved to a room on the sixth floor. Depending on his recovery time and being awake, the next update might take an hour or two.

Update: 1:33 pm (7:33 pm in RSA) 
Arno is in his room, is talking and walking a bit. He is still only on clear fluids at this point. He is alone in an isolation room just because there are no other rooms available.

Fresh out of surgery

For those concerned about me: all good, thanks! Friend Sue is here and I'm under strict orders that she is in charge. I have no say .... 😀

Oh, the surgeon was quite taken aback when I asked for a spare nurse to take out my staples. Sort of a family deal. He then grinned and shook his head. Poor guy!


Theo stopped by the house to pick up Arno's laptop, since that can be switched onto the network and he can watch movies if he's awake during the night.
Updated pictures were sent so people can see the improvement a few hours, some rest and pain meds made. The human body is amazing!

Taken around 6:30 pm our time 
Small, tidy wound and thin draining tube
Doesn't he look a little brighter already?

Here's a bit showing the room, with the window looking out over the city to the right. He only has an IV going, and some oxygen to help, but the heart monitor will only be put on during the night. As soon as they are happy with his fluid intake, the IV will be removed too.

Below is a picture of the liquid meal the man had tonight. He felt he needed to share to get some sympathy ... Broth, milk, juice, tea and sorbet.

Hopefully in a few hours the nurse would allow him to enjoy some of the snack foods packed in his overnight bag.

All in all, a good day, although a tiring one!
Thanks again for all the help and support on many levels

~~~  This ends tonight's transmission ..... Field Guide end, September 16, 2015. ~~~ 



Nyree Ruiz S. said...

Glad all looks well so far! Here's to a speedy recovery! :)

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