Monday, September 21, 2015


These bubbles in my head --- yes. That's right. I'm officially an airhead. All insults welcome.

Seems that the air trapped inside the skull after the craniotomy will take a while to disperse. I have this dripping or popping inside my head, which started when I was still in ICU. Quite funny, really - sometimes louder than other times, and often it sort of echoes inside my mouth or teeth.

At first the sound was mostly on top of my head and I could put a finger on the wound site and almost "feel" the sound which happened at the same time inside my mouth. No, not a pulse, I checked! The rhythm is different. This is a whole other animal galloping around.

Lately it seems the sound had settled in my forehead, just above the right eye. If you tap a forefinger on your forehead, not too gently, you'll more or less hear the same sound. Sometimes it is much louder than other times. I've tried taping the sound - like having Pop Rocks inside my mouth - but nothing recorded. Guess it is all in the mind ....

Two weeks since surgery, and it is utterly amazing how much healing has happened. Mind you, I do keep bumping my head! It freaks Arno out. I hit it when getting into or out of a car, I hit it on the wall at the top of the bed. You know how a hurt finger or toe keeps getting bumped and in the way? Well, it seems to work with a head too!

Saturday I gave it a really good whack when settling on the bed to read a bit. The pillow I had ready, somehow moved down and whack! Arno was so upset, he went into our storage space, dug out a foam mattress cover and with some painter's tape in hand, set to making a bed buffer for his whacky wife. He'll probably not be happy about me sharing the picture, but here it is! Double layer foam, stuck to the wall good and proper without damaging it. I said if the tape stays a while, it might pull off the paint. "Then I paint the wall again!" he declared quite adamantly. Good man. Yes, I know.

The kids are having fun -- I now have two knit hats to add to the collection covering the bald spot, courtesy of Jaco and Chelsea! Sunday morning the pink one made its debut at church. But I had to send a picture to ask if it is the "acceptable level of floppiness" or if adjustments might be needed. I have no sense of style, see? They also brought a handful of socks, some with half a face of a cat or pug on either foot. The pugs went along to the fairgrounds on Sunday, and amused some friends.

The annual Fall Fair is over for another year. I love the fair, the smells, the sights, the people and the displays. Only wish we can somehow get more interest and have more people to take part! It is not about winning; it is about putting something in place to look at, to enjoy, to share, and to learn or teach. Did you know you can enter all sorts of crafts and hobbies, including baking, jams and jellies, knitting or crochet, antique items, flowers (both cut and potted), and more? Seriously - it is fun! Gardeners can enter their vegetables, including a class for the oddest shaped vegetable.

Look at these huge pumpkins, for instance, grown by young men in the community. The stalks top left are sunflowers, and the competition is for the tallest one.

Every year for the last five years or so, I've had the joy of being close to one of the raptors that were brought to educate and entertain visitors. Arno usually took the pictures. However, this year, he had the chance of holding the Bald Eagle as well. She is much heavier than she looks!

You can see the steri strips still covering his wound site. The stitch comes out on Wednesday. This time the wound seems more swollen than the previous time. We just hope it will heal as well again! We have the Miracle Oil all ready for application.

Today I received a phone call, saying that one of the kind church friends had left a meal for us on the porch. I just happened to be out at that time.

An hour later I arrive home --- and find no covered dishes waiting to be taken inside. What to do? I already sent a thank you, but what could have happened to the food? Nobody would have taken it from an enclosed porch, surely? And suppose there are dishes to be returned? I would have to check in and brave any discomfort.

Within two or three text messages flying back and forth, we determine that the delivery was made one street over. Now what? Do I try to find the house owners? Do I go and demand my food back? Do I leave it and hope they will enjoy an unexpected supper?

Too many questions, and too many options! I'm not so sure I'd eat a meal that suddenly arrives at my doorstep without prior notice! Suppose they toss it out? No, I'm off to find my food!

Around the block I walk, cell phone firmly clutched in hand, watching the house numbers. Two doors down from the target house, a lady is washing her car and fighting one of the obnoxious bees that seem to be everywhere this summer. We exchange pleasantries, and I wonder if she might watch where I'm going.

The house appears -- covered porch in sight - and I can see the containers from the sidewalk. All quiet. Nobody home. So I pick up the containers and purposefully stride away, arms full and eyes forward. Did anyone watch? Will I be stopped for stealing someone's food? Maybe if I move quickly enough I can be away before they start questioning what's going on!

Around the corner -- switch arms -- breathe --- go! Old bod protests against the sudden activity, clearly still trying to pretend to need to rest every so often. But here's our house, and a table. Phew! Breathe, woman, breathe! Hubby chooses that instant to call. I'm giving an admirable impression of  heavy breathing on the phone and can hear his concern mount on the other side. "Wait .... (wheeze) .... food ... (hiss) ... key .... (whoosh) ..."

All's well that ends well, and the kindly prepared meal is where it is supposed to be! Pulled pork and the freshest rolls, cabbage salad and a shepherd's pie to freeze for later. The generosity of people is amazing, and all we can do will be to pay it forward.

Little does number # Behind-us Street know that for a brief, shining while today they had supper all prepared and ready for them - and just as suddenly, it was snatched away, promptly done out of food!
Dear Life,
Today I'm thankful for laughter and misunderstandings, for cell phones and text messages, and for the many kind people around me.


Harv said...

Today I'm thankful for a fabulous breath of fresh air half way around the world, that continues to inspire those around her. Bless her! x

MeerkatMarlene said...

Harv - thank you so much for your kind comments, and for enjoying these little tales. Much appreciated.

FiiNix said...

And I'm thankful that my Meerkie pulled through.

FiiNix said...

And I'm thankful that my Meerkie pulled through.

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