Sunday, September 27, 2015

Mundane tales


Hello, Life,
Today I heard that I'm "just a little old lady with a hole in her head" and need to be taken care of. Courtesy of Theo. Once I stopped laughing, I demanded that they put on a T-shirt for me immediately!
Sincerely, Marlene
Every day is an adventure if I get to spend it with some of the many people I love.

Breakfast --- a favourite part of our day! And the kids never say no to the opportunity to share. Last weekend we went to EggSmart again to have breakfast. Doesn't it look great? Our son bought us breakfast. All together now: "AWWWWW!"

And notice - Theo has developed curls these last few months! He always had stick straight hair like his mom. He said this week, rather than fight the curls, he has decided to embrace them. I love them!

Twice a year, we get together - about fifty of us. (A week later, not the same day as the picture above, in case you are worried about our eating habits.)  The food is always amazing. The jokes --- well -- imagine when a group of women get together and start chuckling! Our group at our table had our own fun and jokes, we visited with other friends at other tables and generally enjoyed ourselves thoroughly, catching up with friends and acquaintances. Pam had a hard time getting us to be quiet! Today's speaker was talking about an amazing adventure. 

The topic today was about the Camino, walking the almost 800 km (almost 500 miles) from France across northern Spain to the ocean. Barb donned her gear, including backpack and complete with two socks clipped to the back, flapping to dry as she explained the packing, the plans, the needed items, and the sleeping arrangements along the route. We hung on her words, imagined sleeping with perfect strangers in a room, being stepped on by an inebriated man, trudging on day after day despite blisters, sickness, exhaustion and streaming rain. She started with a companion but within days found herself alone on the road. It started out as a hiking trip for her and ended as a deeply spiritual experience. 


One of the great pleasures of summer is to stop by the Saturday farmer's market, fill up on fresh fruit and veg, meandering down the middle of Main Street and petting a few dogs along the way. Today was no different. Mid-morning found the four of us strolling down towards our favourite ice cream shop. They are closing this weekend, so we had to go down and get one more helping of the very excellent quality flavours offered!
Halfway down we stopped for Theo to try some Concord grapes. We all love them - we call them "glippertjies" in Afrikaans, which means that the sweet flesh of the grape easily slips out of the tart skin. Theo wanted to buy the large container but since the end of the market was near, we got a two-for-one. Off we strolled, each couple with a large bag of sweet, black grapes. We wandered down the street, and offered grapes to the few friends we encountered.

The leaves on the trees are changing, the quality of the sunlight is somehow sweeter, fuller, creating longer shadows which have a little chill when we step into them. Downtown feels alive, the large Jumbotron on the Garden Square pull people to the tables and create a vibrant, metropolitan feel. It is a joy going down there, getting a tea from T by Daniel or soup from the Little Ice Cream shop, and to sit and chat on the square, 

But our object was to visit our other favourite ice cream shop, where the owner knows us, greets us like family and knows our tastes and likes. He is closing this weekend for the winter, and Arno had to have one more rum-and-raisin cone! I didn't get pictures of all of us, but here is Theo's combination for today. Notice the size of the three scoops of excellent ice cream. He plans his tastes exactly, with a science of starting with one, flowing into the next and ending with a third.

We sat at the tables and chatted, watching the people stroll around the booths of the Farmer's Market at that end of the street and enjoying the visit.

For those who want to know and didn't come here to read about ice cream and grapes!
Arno's stitch came out this week. The wound is more swollen underneath, but there is no infection. We think there is more scar tissue, since the two surgeries were only two months apart. Picture will be below the text, but it really is not gross!

We now have an appointment with an Endocrinologist who will determine next steps. We don't know if the Radioactive Iodine will be done or not.

My wound is healing well and thanks to the foam above my bed (see post), I haven't hit my head once! The bubbles seem to be diminishing too. When I pick up something heavy (not allowed, but I forget) there is a clicking inside my head. Maybe the bone settling like a broken arm.

The friends from around town have cared for us, fed us, brought us treats and more to sustain us. We can't thank them enough. We can't repay them. We can only "bless them and accept it" - quote by Biska. We are doing that, With every morsel we enjoy we feel warm and loved. Thank you.

We know some friends have been planning a celebration for Sunday, getting together around a corn roast, salads, hotdogs and hamburgers. But we keep hearing little bits and pieces, about food donations, about a silent auction, about a magician and a jumping castle, about friends driving in ... I thought it would be a small potluck get-together for a few friends. Our hearts are full of appreciation as we fight the embarrassment about a fuss and many people working hard to create something special. The weather looks to be great. Watch this space ....

We made and cut out letters to attach to a backdrop to set up at the event today - we have to contribute SOMETHING! Bought a bag full of fun hats, boas, masks and a wig for people to put on and use the backdrop and their own phones or cameras to take fun pictures.

Arno's wound, just after the stitch came out on Wednesday.

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