Friday, September 11, 2015

What a hat!

To be home in my own bed, with my own pillow, the cats and quiet - what a bonus! And no, Anne, nobody pooped the bed last night --- but the one cat apparently pooped on the porch this morning and made Arno very upset since there was clean cat litter and scooped boxes as always for him! LOL
For the cat, that is. Not for Hubby. You asked!

Getting home yesterday afternoon, I was sent straight to bed. Started reading some emails and fell fast asleep. Guess I was more tired than I thought I was and sitting up in the car for the drive home was probably exhausting too. 

Had a good sleep for most of the night, caught up with brother Andre at around 4 am our time this morning and saw his wound as well. He has a longer cut but I have more staples, so there! He has 17 and I have 25 .... He is still on soft food and must take a lot of fluid to help flush out the bladder. He'll probably still be in hospital until Sunday. 

Friend Sue picked me up this morning and we went for breakfast at our favourite little shop nearby. Yes, I was wearing a scarf to stop people from throwing up if they looked at my head! The place was full but we managed to find a table. Before we went out, I chatted with various friends and mentioned to one friend where we'd be, not thinking anything of it. 

Next moment, 3/4 through our breakfast, Sue said, "Here comes a woman with hats ..." 
I thought, no, it can't be, but it was! Jan, my crazy, artistic friend who is a whizz with sewing anything you can dream of, had popped in covered in pink feathers and carrying two hats!

The tables were all full but she plonked a hat on my head and we had a good laugh with everyone around us! They were all staring and I whipped off the scarf so she could pop down a hat on my bald pate. She said she was going to make me something to wear after surgery, but didn't expect me to be out so soon and clearly took the idea too seriously!

So what do you think? Sue took pictures with the cell phone.
Pics on the right was when Jan first came in, standing in the middle of the restaurant with the windows behind us. The big one was when the people next to us left and Sue ordered us to pose properly for the camera. As you can tell, we were both very bored with ourselves. LOL

Jan, you are a gem! She had also bought a pink sort of pirate's style soft fabric hat, you can see over her hand, which was then put on under the hat for the last picture. I guess I'll have to get some bright pink stuff to borrow and wear during the upcoming Fall Fair to go with the funky hat!

I am so blessed to have all these people in my life --- THANK YOU!

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Bat said...

Love the hats and this post! Jan is indeed a gem.


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