Monday, September 14, 2015


Dear Life,
Today I'm grateful for sunshine, friendship, casseroles, caring people with warm hearts and prayers reaching out across the globe.

On Saturday morning we went off to the Fairgrounds to help set up for the Fall Fair which is starting this coming week. I was ordered to sit and be quiet. Hmf! But it was nice to see all my friends. Working the Fall Fair is like meeting family.

Hubby was doing the heavy lifting and sorting, I wiped down plastic and drank coffee. Oh and showed those who wanted to see, the staples in my head. Always something to do, right?

Sunday we ventured out to Church - me wearing the pink pirate's hat from Jan (see post) and large earrings to complete the look. Really don't want people to get sick when they see my head at this stage, although it is a very neat and tidy wound. The support and outpouring of love made us feel humbled and overwhelmed.

We are embarrassed but Rev. Lloyd sat us down in hospital last week and told us to allow people to help, to reach out, and to embrace us. Thank you, everyone, for every greeting, every smile, every casserole or loaf promised, for driving and looking after us during this time. We sincerely appreciate every gesture and email.

PICTURE FUN - The twins
Joe is my champion, my brother, my twin, my friend. Picture below was taken at church the Sunday before my surgery on Tuesday -- we didn't know how bald I'd be after surgery and we needed to have a record! Front view with wide smiles, as you can see. Below that is the one from yesterday ...

Back views of our heads a week later. Who looks best? Yes, I know no warning on the staples this time, but it is clean and no blood and only the partial wound! Staples will be taken out on Friday, ten days after surgery. There is very little pain and I've only taken ordinary Tylenols two or three times a day since surgery. 

(Full wound taken on surgery day is on this post if you are curious. LINK

Today I'm by myself for the first time in days! Friends will pick me up for a coffee date and we'll have fun and laughter in the sunshine for an hour or two before the old bones would have to be rested on bed again. Seems the body will take a while to shake off the effects of the anaesthetic and the surgery, but there is a heap of improvement already, for sure. 

Arno is ready for his surgery on Wednesday. I think he just wants to get it over now so that we can carry on with our lives. 

My brother André was finally discharged today after his surgery last Wednesday! I have pictures of his wound, but haven't asked permission to use them. There is still some bleeding and yesterday two blood clots came out but at least he was set free and would be able to sleep in a quiet bed now. He still has to take it easy for a week as the internal wounds heal. 

Arno's brother Chris in Australia, who had cataract surgery on Sept. 3, says he can see colours so much clearer now. Although the eye is still a bit scratchy, it feels a lot better to be able than to see through a haze as the other eye still does. That one will be done in a few days. 


What joy to be with friends, to be out in the sunshine, to share coffee, cookies and stories and to know a week ago the surgery was still on the schedule. What amazing lives we live! I am always referred back to the poem often contributed as being written by Walt Whitman, but it was really Angela Morgan. 
[Shared on this blog in 2011: Such An Age As This ]

Sue picked me up and friend Anne B. met us at Fortinos to share conversation and catch up. We had to pose for a picture, right? Marilyn did the honours this time.

With Anne

Anne with her smile and blonde hair, and me with the pink pirate's hat and silver earrings. 

Marilyn brought a gift of her homemade scones, which are a particular favourite of mine --- only have to have brain surgery to convince her to make me some, hehehe! So we had to go hunt for clotted cream, which has been sold out for months lately. 

Ran into Sheila and we had to smile for a picture of course!

Such joy to have so many friends, to run into familiar faces, to be happy to see each other and to feel the warmth and care holding us up. 

With Sheila

Today, for the first time since about May, there was Clotted Cream in Fortino's!! 

I just had lunch of fresh scones, strawberry jam and clotted cream, added some rooibos tea --- now to rest and enjoy life!!

Thank you, Marilyn, for this gift; thank you all my friends for your love. There's more, many more to thank, and you know who you are and what you are busy arranging. 

Clotted cream
....."Due to its high saturated fat content, the regular consumption of clotted cream is usually thought to be bad for health, though some dairy fat in the diet is considered beneficial. ..."    
and I want to believe!!  LOL

  1. the quality of being thankful; readiness to show appreciation for and to return kindness.


Diane Clayton said...

So pleased to read that you are up and about and have the support you need and deserve from your lovely friends! Lots of love from us xx

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