Friday, September 18, 2015

Staples begone

It's good, and clean, and fresh, tralala ....

No, I have no idea why that old jingle from my childhood popped up as I started this blog post. An old washing powder ad that still sticks in my head decades later. Maybe because the staples are out of the wound today? I was so ready to have them gone! The wound looks good, has been inspected by all and sundry (some pictures to follow) and I've got a collection of borrowed hats and scarves to cover up if the need should be.

Mind you, when I walked into the doctor's office today for the appointment. I stood in line and then looked over my shoulder to see if friend and driver Sue had sat down yet. My eye caught the face of a young woman, with her eyes absolutely glued to my head. (I did have a hat, but it was in my hand and not on my head ... didn't think anyone would notice.) Her face was like a cartoon image. With bugging eyes, mouth slightly open and sort of skew, head tilted, unblinking gaze. What was she thinking when she saw the staples? Why did she even notice as I blew by her? Did the light catch the metal? Did she just see Friday the 13th? Is she afraid of Zombies??

It was all I could do to twist back forward and not to dissolve in laughter or go over to her to pat her on the head only to have her run screaming the other way!

So here's a quick collage, showing the special staple remover, the staples (28) out and the wound immediately after. Biggest view is the staple extractor, all clean and sterile so Marilyn doesn't have to be too freaked out!

Ten days after surgery
Next stop: Off we went, hunting for animal print socks I "needed" today to complete the look. The previous days were pink, with the pirate's hat from Jan. Bought some funky large earrings to go with it. 

Yesterday was green, and green socks (I love socks) to add. But today just wouldn't work, so we had to go hunting around a bit. Found some funky pink animal print socks. And a pink-ish animal print neck warmer of sorts I concocted on top of the head. 

Five of us were going out for lunch. Anne wanted to see the wound. So she stood up to unravel the hat thingy. Don't believe her face, it wasn't that bad, I promise!


Carolyn and Sue watching
Marilyn doesn't like having her picture taken, but we had a good old visit around the table. Great to catch up with friends, good food and laughter. Sue found me gourmet jelly beans --- yes the same ones I spilled all over the bleachers at the softball game! Eveyone had a taste. Today, I mean. Not the ones on the bleachers. The lovely scarf with cats on it is so soft and lovely, and one can never have too many Timmies cards .... Oh yes, and check out these gloves Anne gave me. With more "animal fur" added. She says so I can text in winter. LOL 

Right, the socks. Forgot to show you those.


As reported in the previous post about the surgery on Sept. 16, all went well. Arno was kept overnight to check his levels. Thursday morning our younger son picked me up and took me to hospital, where I sat with my feet on his bed as he stayed in bed ..... and on the phone ... and on the laptop .... working. Yes.  I have proof!

Trying to give the pink a rest, I concocted a green scarf around my head (no flair, unlike my friend Carolyn who always looks lovely in scarves), added a green-print top, green socks and the silver earrings. So that was Thursday -- picture -- and then with hubby in his hospital bed, clearly on the phone, and me wearing the same green scarf. See? He was working, 24 hours after surgery. And yes, I look a bit flat and wilted, I know. Previous day was a bit long!

Around noon, Carolyn picked me up from the hospital and we went off to the Fairgrounds. It was opening day, judging day, and we are involved with the Photography section. I've been convenor for several years (thanks, Pam!) and this year didn't think I'd get to the busiest day with all the surgeries happening. People bring entries the Wednesday evening and Thursday morning, then we have potluck with the judges and the big judging of all entries happen during the Thursday afternoon. The fair opens Thursday at 5 pm and runs until Sunday afternoon.

Thank goodness for an excellent team! Our judge was quick and decisive, the walls were covered in pictures and ribbons quickly and we had done our duty for another year. The entries are down, though --- no idea how to get more people to enter their pictures. Next year's theme will be "Apple Blossoms and Honey Bees" - maybe that will create more buzz!!

Around 3 pm, Arno was discharged after the surgeon stopped by to see what he looked like. Friend Bill picked him up, drove to the pharmacy for prescription and then dropped him at home. I was just deposited at home as well, and both of us zonked out for maybe half an hour or so.

We felt a heap better after that, believe me!  But it was not the end of an utterly awesome day. The doorbell went -- and Sheila breezed in with arms full of tin foil pans and delicious aromas following her. She brought a full meal of pork tenderloin, cabbage rolls, green beans, fresh croissants, a pecan pie (thanks to Donna!).  How wonderful. This is a first time ever for us -- but when we needed to eat last night, we dished up, toasted our blessings -- and had a meal together in peaceful quiet.

THANK YOU. Everyone. Thank you for looking after us. Thank you for caring and sharing your love.


janie1 Gus said...

Glad to hear that you are both doing so marvelously well. I'll be in touch over the week-end. {{{Meer and DH}}} <3

Nyree Ruiz S. said...

That lump must have been affecting you in so many ways - I'm so thrilled to see the "old" Meer resurface!
You sound so much more happy, energetic, tongue-in-cheek and You now than you have in years!

Welcome back Meer! <3

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