Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Cherry On Top - Sketch Challenge

In December 2005, Arno and I celebrated our 20th anniversary. It seemed to be the perfect picture to use for this single-picture sketch challenge on Scrapmommies! The layout is here if you want to take a look or leave a comment.

Credits: All elements by me, from the "Cherries for Gabby" kit.
Sketch by Traci from Scrapmommies. Fonts and other info on the layout.

1 comment:

Bat said...

firstly, layout is sensational (as usual, naturally)!

Then, wow, 20 years just like that - time flies.. but somehow I didn't remember that it was 20 years already and you know me and cycles (well, sort of). It's just all seems to click into place now - the time you had last year with your experiences with the past... and it being a period of 20 years...and..ag, well, I know what I mean (er, sorta) ANyway, it's just very interesting. As though, after a specific period, you were able to revisit the past on different levels, look at it with your current "glasses" and take stock. A wonderful, if sometimes painful, opportunity.
And, ja, you've married a special guy, but then he hit the jackpot too!

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