Thursday, April 27, 2006

Of hackers and stuff (Do It Digi)

On the post titled "Older layouts and sorting out stuff" on this blog, I mentioned going to a chatroom and having fun with people there. This was on the Do It Digi scrapbook gallery / forum / chat / challenge site (see below for links). Tried to go back a few times without luck. It took a few days to find out that they were hacked and had lost everything!

It makes me so angry! Why would people do that? Why create drama, upset, a sense of loss and all kinds of other emotions for people? But I guess that can be asked about all crimes. Yes, I see hacking for fun as a crime, just like breaking and entering or assault or something. You feel battered, bruised, your privacy was invaded, and worse.

The Do It Digi team is trying to bring things back online, but it is going slow. For now, I'll link my gallery to them to their main page, because the gallery is gone anyway. (Do It Digi )

Wendy and co - thinking of you and sending all kinds of coping vibes! Just wish there was a way of doing more.

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gillybeany said...

Hi there matey! Thank you so much for your kind words about DID. Everything that can be done is being done. The worst thing of all is that Joy is on holiday over there at the moment from the UK and is staying with Wendy and Marcie, this has also taken away valuable time in their last few days together. There are some people out there with far too much time. Why do they do things like this? Still everyone is being great about the wait. Lets hope it's all up soon, bigger and better!

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