Saturday, April 29, 2006

Swapping pictures

Interesting chat at SBB on Wednesday night! I just stopped by to see who was in, but it turned out the chatters were swapping pictures for others to scrap. I sent some snowboarding pictures to Tiffany, and she sent me one of her lovely baby girl, Alison.

I just love what Tiff did with the snowboarding pictures, adding arrows and funky colours! This will be a great page to share with the boys, of their day out with friends.
Go Snowboarding!

My layout of Alison wanted to be girlish, soft and pink, and her eyes fascinated me. So - the layout had to reflect the eyes.

There are really two layouts, basically the same, but one has an added glass rectangle in the title. Not sure which one I like. Here are the two links if you want to take a look:
First layout and the second one, with the glass rectangle.

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