Friday, April 21, 2006

Older layouts and sorting out things

Been an interesting day ... I've had surgery on April 10th and was supposed to take it very easy for a while yet. No exercise for a month, for instance.
Anyway, went back to work on Tuesday and tried to be gentle, but today I must have done something somehow. I could feel it pull and being "not right" but nothing dramatic. Came home, tried to phone the doctor's office, but they take calls until 2pm on Friday - and it was 2pm on the dot. Refused to go to ER and sit there for 5 hours just to be told to "take bed rest" - just did it myself. I'm sure it is fine, though.

Spent the afternoon cruising some chatrooms and had a delightful hour with a group of crazy nutcases in the DoItDigi room - thanks for the fun, girls! There was "Bob" from Elora who made me think of this layout, so here it is linked now to the blog. Click on the pic to see the bigger layout, or go to the galleries on either RAKScraps or 3Scrapateers if you want a bigger view.

Tubing was wonderful, even though I ended up with a blue backside the first time, after an altercation with a rock! (yes, there is a picture somewhere ...)


Stephanie aka Bob said...

Hey Marlene... I'm famous now... thanks for mentioning me in your blog... I love this layout... it should be used for advertising on the Elora BIA website... :)

Please come back to Do It Digi again... we would love to have you!!

Bat said...

lekker like a cracker!

Am reading your blog back-to-front.. or is that front-to-back, mmm.... well, I mean, I'm reading earliest to last entries.

Very naaice - keep it up, don't stop blogging cos I'm enjoying the reading thereof!

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