Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Of rugby, swimming and summer jobs

Right, so let's see if an updated post can be placed, about daily life or news!

Theo is playing a rugby match today (position - Nr 2, like his grandfather). He started playing rugby in high school last year and made the team, even though he was only a freshman and didn't have his growth spurt yet. Today, he said he might have to play the whole match, as the other guy had some tattoo on his back and might not be put in. Will see how it goes!

Layout is here, made last year during the rugby season and pictures taken at Theo's first match. Of course rugby is bigger in South Africa than it is here in Canada, so it was interesting that Theo chose that as his sport of choice!

Lifeguarding & Swim instruction
Jaco started volunteering at the rec centre as soon as he was old enough, became assistant swim instructor and then full instructor and life guard after training and age 16. He enjoys working with the kids, and seems to have a knack to teach people things.

This layout, also made with the Muted Masculine kit as above, can be seen in bigger view here if you want to comment or take a closer look.

Info about the fonts, etc. can be seen on the galleries. (Personal info was smudged for privacy.)

Summer jobs

Jaco was offered a summer job at Professor's Lake here in town. He would have to do more training, but it is an excellent way of gaining especially waterfront experience.

Theo's summer job will be at the big theme park, Paramount Canada's Wonderland. He is really looking forward to that!

Both boys are growing up too fast ...

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Bat said...

Ooh, I like the layouts. MUST do something like that for my three - R and her cheerleading, Joel and his chess.. oh, I DID do one for Josh and rap, using your licence layout (I may have shared with you, can't remember)\

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